METAL SERVICES We supply solutions and not only testing reports

METAL SERVICES is a group of materials testing laboratories and technology consulting structures operating in Italy since 1990 (, and in China (Suzhou, Jiangsu Province) since 2009 ( The Chinese branch mission was the support to the international companies moved there, their local suppliers and progressively the local manufacturers.
In addition to the traditional testing activity, our Customers have access to our wide competences and experience matured on manufacturing processes and technologies, efficient process control practices, supply chains control, as well as the management of critical situations, process stabilization or development. Our core experience is including the following fields : machining, forging, casting, welding, heat treating, cryogenics, corrosion, failure analysis, powder metal, wear technology.
Our Chinese branch is progressively more and more involved in the identification and evaluation of local suppliers, perform expediting activity in favour of foreign customers, process control at suppliers’ sites, quality auditing before shipment. At our Italian headquarter the same activity is a current practice requested by top Customers needing top quality supplies as well as Customers involved in the continuous process/product improvement. All our laboratories have their testing processes accredited according to the ISO 17025 norm by either the Chinese ( CNAS ) or the Italian ( ACCREDIA ) competent body, assuring the highest level of reliability, timing and support.
During its more than 30 year service, Metal Services has achieved on the manufacturing international scenario an image of high competence, strong dedication, severe ethical conduct.

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