“Mille e una Notte” restaurant in Lampedusa

The Mille e una Notte restaurant is located on the island of Lampedusa, in the old port area. It takes its name from the most famous and well-known classic of oriental literature, which the owners wanted to inspire!
They wanted to create a fairytale-like, evocative and bewitching atmosphere, which sublime the solemnity of each event.
As soon as we cross the threshold we will find ourselves in front of vaulted stone arches, a wishing well, an internal fountain to recreate the internal gardens of fairytales, and finally a magnificent natural cave, all this leads our guests to an emotional journey of all and five senses. Every evening, it will be possible to taste traditional Lampedusan dishes, reinvented by our chef Rossella
Licciardi, in a gourmet key, who in her dishes wants to express everything she has learned in her studies in the Alma academy, and in collaborations with starred chefs, without ever forgetting the products of our land. Among our specialties, marinated and raw fish, cous-cous, and Sicilian fish.

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