PASTICCERIA AGORÀ high pastry by tradition

Our story started in 1973, when our family founded the pastry shop under the name of “Pasticceria Balli”.
It all started thanks to grandfather Totò, and subsequently the shop was led by his children: united by the passion for pastry-making that immediately took shape in the productions craftsmanship of great quality and imagination.
In 1985 the family decided to move the headquarters to a more central area of the city.
In 1992, from the desire to further expand and differentiate their business, the idea of moving the headquarters back to more spacious premises was developed.
Thus was born Agorà, term with which in ancient Greecewas used to indicate the main square of the polis.
The ancient Agorà pastry shop, in the heart of Agrigento, is synonymous with the great pastry tradition. Today Agorà is managed by Lillo Balli and his family. The historic pastry shop is located about 500 meters from the Valley of the Temples, in the commercial area of Agrigento.
In 2019 we opened a store in the seaside resort “San Leone” about 60 meters from the Mediterranean Sea: it has a splendid panoramic terrace, overlooking the sea, and here you can enjoy a wide variety of cocktails. Here you can enjoy an excellent breakfast, both sweet and salty, and also have delicious lunches at our restaurant.
The pastry shop specializes in high quality artisanal products, such as the excellent ice cream available both to take away and to be tasted over the counter.
Many flavors, a wide range of semifreddo and a delicious almond semifreddo, authentic delight and house specialty.
We also make ice cream cakes!
Come visit us, we are in Viale Leonardo Sciascia, 27 – Agrigento and Piazzale Giglia,1 – San Leone – Agrigento

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