STUDIO DEODATO The secret to a perfect smile

Everyone agrees that a smile is like a good business card: pearly whites are fundamental in making a good impression, as white, straight teeth give harmony to the face. At the opposite, crooked, discolored, worn or chipped teeth give the impression of carelessness and negligence.
In spite of that, a recent research, shows that most Italians go to the dentist just to cure caries, or crooked teeth.
Depending on this research, less than the 40% of Italians have an appropriate dental care, and just the 36% of them have regular dental checkups. But caries and crooked teeth are just the tip of the iceberg: periodontitis is an invisible enemy. Better known as pyorrhea, it’s a chronic infection of the periodontal structures, caused by the action of a peculiar type of bacteria normally present in our mouth. They are generally controlled by our immune system, but if the oral hygiene is neglected, they produce dental plaque, behind which they can multiply. That is the first step of a process that, if it’s not contrasted immediately, can produce bigger problems, as it usually degenerates first in gingivitis, than in an inflammation of the periodontal structures. As a result, it leads to loose teeth and to teeth decay.
Luckily this illness is autonomously recognizable from gums bleeding, bad breath, and sensitive teeth. But what do we have to do if we recognize these symptoms? Dr. Deodato, specialist in odontostomatology, explains that the first thing to do is to take care of dental hygiene, avoiding risk factors like smoking. Unfortunately another cause, the genetic predisposition, cannot be prevented. That is why Dr Deodato recommends a test: “About 30% of the population is genetically predisposed for these types of disease, but we are able, with a simple test, the PadoGenTest®, to identify these patients”. “Once identified”, he continues, “it’s fundamental to use a not-surgical therapy aimed at removing the bacterial infection from the mouth. This therapy leads often to excellent results”. But what if this is not sufficient?
“Only if the first type of therapy has not been sufficient, we proceed with surgical treatment”, explains Dr. Deodato. Speaking of surgical treatments, in Dr. Deodato’s dental clinic an innovative and computer based, type of treatment, the Computer Assisted Implant prostheses, is practiced: a new technique that facilitates the dentist’s work and, at the same time, offers multiples advantages to the patient. Thanks to a 2.0 technology the surgery is completely planned in advance.
This allows the doctor to limit cuts and to project a prosthesis before and not after the surgery. The result is a not invasive surgery that allows the patient to have his new prosthesis immediately, with a unique comfort and precision. As always, prevention and good habits are important, but if remedial measures must be taken, the Computer Assisted Implant prostheses is certainly the best way to fight periodontitis without losing your smile.
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