BONFANTI VINI Our wines are created in order to meet the highest expectations and needs

BONFANTI VINI srl. is a commercial company that operates in the wine sector with a good commercial client network around Italy and abroad.
The main objective is clearly to identify and evaluate the most receptive markets to optimize the sales of our wines. This takes place both by persuasion of customers, through suitable advertising campaigns, by identifying and adapting the products to the needs of the customers
The wine sector most cared for by BONFANTI VINI srl.
is that of organic products, of which a significant commercial development is expected for their sustainability and for the indisputable respect for the environment and health. This does not mean that traditional wines are neglected, the demand for which is always relevant.
The work in the vineyard is carried out using organic systems with full respect for the environment and current regulations. In fact, the grapes from Cantina Bonfanti are harvested by hand and vinified artisanally in the Negrar Winery. And it is precisely here that the main work of vinification, ageing and bottling is concentrated, through a process that respects the typical procedures of organic wines. The vineyard’s small scale has allowed it to be treated like a small creature to protect and care for attentively, diligently and in a sustainable way.
The result is a wine of great quality, which tells its story from its origins in the vineyard up to maturity, and expresses its character and elegance with persistent but soft tannins and scents of ripe red fruits.
Our organic selection focus our award-winning wine as Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore DOC ORGANIC 2018, Valpolicella Superiore DOC ORGANIC 2018 and Valpolicella Doc Organic 2019.
The wine production area in which the company operates in the Veneto region and Valpolicella area, notoriously among the most suitable areas in Italy for the production of quality wines such as Amarone DOCG, Ripasso DOC and other wines from the area.
The vineyard is a small treasure, only 5 hectares of wineyars well located in Quinzano, close to the wonderful city of Verona, at an altitude of 350 metres above sea level, in the production area designated as Valpolicella DOC. Equally significant is the proposal of other wines from Veneto of great fame and quality, such as Prosecco DOC and Moscato Fior d’ Arancio DOCG from the Colli Euganei hills, who appellation is well known.
The choice of this wines is made with the advice and approval of well-known winemakers and agronomist to evaluate them in all their production phases: FROM THE VINEYARD TO THE bottling.
Therefore, we are certain to present safe quality and products. To confirm the quality, BONFANTI VINI S.r.l. partecipates in competitions and tastings of guaranteed objectivity, to give customers the safety of the products, as shown by the following latest cartificates received.
Attached the following the last winning- awards:
-MERANO WINE HUNTER for our organic wines (Valpolicella Superiore DOC BIO 2018 and Valpolicella Ripasso DOC BIO 2018)
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