AGRIPUNICA, one of the most promising names in the wine production …

Agripunica it’s a vine grower and wine producer set up in 2002 in southern Sardinia by two successful Italian wineries, such as Tenuta San Guido (Sassicaia producers in Tuscany), the Cantina Di Santadi, a Sardinian cooperative known for their excellent wines and one of the best winemakers in the Italian history, Giacomo Tachis, who was actually the one that made possible this match between
Tuscany and Sardinia.
The legendary oenologist Giacomo Tachis, arguably Italy’s most renowned winemaker and creator of the famous “Supertuscans”, such as Tignanello and Sassicaia, who used to be the consultant for both San Guido and Santadi wineries, he created the two red wines, Barrua first and Montessu then, achieving the great result of giving notoriety to the wines since the beginning. In recent years,
a third wine has completed the lineup for Agripunica, a white this time, called Samas, which is following the same path of the two reds.
All the grapes come from the 70 hectares of vineyards owned by Agripunica in the Sulcis region (south west Sardinia), whose soil is predominantly composed by limestone, clay and sand, conditions particularly favourable for growing the autochthonous and main red grape of the
area, the Carignano; it is here that Agripunica has set up its own estates for producing fine wines. The current production it’s an overall of 300.000 bottles per year, which are exported in about 40 countries worldwide, from west to the far east.
Information about the “terroir” Agripunica vineyards lay down in the heart of the Sulcis sub
region, south west Sardinia.
This area has a specific micro-climate, with mild winters and dry summers that make the Carignano grape reach the perfect ripening and maturation. Hot summers are always cooled down by the influence of the near sea, which keeps in balance the temperatures.
The Carignano grape provides good texture and fine tannins to our reds Barrua and Montessu, which are elegantly enriched by some French varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
Concerning the white wines, the main grape varietal and wine of the area is Vermentino, a beautiful example of freshness and minerality, thanks to the Sardinian soil with its limestone mixed with a good percentage of sand that makes the perfect environment for growing this grape.
Our white wine Samas is actually a blend of 80% Vermentino and 20% Chardonnay, offering nice flavours to match very well all fish-made dishes, any white meat or simply to be savoured as aperitif.
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