Cantina San Donaci: The Middle Lands of Great Quality Wine

The small town of San Donaci, a municipality in the north of Salento, has been a middle land for centuries.
More than a thousand years ago it represented a promised land for the Lombards and Normans who tried to wrest it from the Byzantine dominion in order to enjoy the pleasant products of the land that grew there.
Over the centuries it has become a central hub between the industrious land of Bari, dedicated to trade, and the opulent and baroque Salento: both aspired to seize control to benefit from the extraordinary wealth that the land produced.
In the meantime, San Donaci became a land of enlightened princes, heroes, myths and legends and, among these legends, the wine produced there was increasingly growing, surpassing the local areas and starting exportation to delight the refined palates of the most important European and non-European countries.
Even geographically San Donaci is a middle land, since its territory is located in a position of substantial equidistance between the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea; this equidistance means that both seas exert their influence on the products of the earth.
The Adriatic Sea has always represented as a sea of myths and ancient legends, sweet and hard at the same time; in the past, popular tradition said that the Adriatic Sea was a piece of paradise that the angels brought to the earth to stay there to spend a time there.
The Adriatic Sea witnessed the raids of the Argonauts in search of the mythological golden fleece that would have given them unparalleled wealth and power; the Adriatic Sea has seen Ulysses pass, the wise Antenore, Diomede etc. all mythological heroes in search of the incomparable beauty that only that sea could give.
Even today the Adriatic gives our grapes this richness, sometimes sweet and sometimes decisive; these luxuriant and pure flavors fascinated and continue to fascinate great men of all eras.
The Ionian Sea is different. It has always been a sea full of myths and legends related to gods and semi-gods, an opulent, complex, baroque sea before the baroque was invented. It is no coincidence that the beautiful Calypso had decided to hide from the world on a lost Ionian island.
This is precisely what the Ionian Sea gives our grapes: ostentatious opulence, a rich and deep complexity, a real wine of the myth that strikes the consumer by involving him or her on a tasting journey in search of his own secret island.
Cantina San Donaci is famous all over the world for its Negroamaro based wines, but also produces excellent Primitivo grapes, Malvasia Nera di Brindisi, Susumaniello, Chardonnay, Fiano etc. just to name a few. Its Rosé wine has been defined as an edible perfume, its reds reap acclaim all over the world, its whites amaze for the body and persistence on the palate.
From Negroamaro grapes, our prince Fulgeo wine is born, with notes of violet and ripe red fruits, its enveloping tannin conquers the palate with every single sip, enclosing our passion in all its complexity.

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