Cantina Toblino: since 1960 the heart of viticulture in the Valle dei Laghi

A valley with lakes in the name, water for character and wind for grace. Among the Dolomites, the valley that has Toblino in its heart is first of all kissed by an unmistakable breeze: the Ora. A gentle, decisive and indispensable wind for agricultural evolution. It is no coincidence that its name derives from the Latin ‘aura’, a ‘beneficial breath’ which over time has been defined as ‘golden’, precisely ‘golden’. This is why we at Cantina Toblino respect the wind. Those gusts that sneak between the rows, mixing with the air currents of the nearby Garda and the daring mountains towards the fascinating Dolomite field of the Brenta.
Each village in this valley entrusts the wind with signs of identity. In the dialect, in fact, this rural community is synonymous with the ‘Val del vent’. It is enough to observe how the winemakers (always) have planted their vines: in harmony with the wind, respecting its strength, exploiting its breath, for both precious and healthy thermal excursions, decisive for the harvest trend and therefore indispensable to the character of the wine. Vines planted as if they were many harmonic wind instruments in the service of the wind.
A vital force that encourages not only to free new thoughts, but also relaunches the winemaking commitment of this land and of Cantina Toblino in particular. In full respect of the habitat. Thanks also to the climate mitigated precisely by the wind: in the morning there are cold currents that come from the mountains, then there is the Ora that goes north from Lake Garda. This allows to implement a sustainable viticulture that goes in the direction of organic.
And it could not be otherwise, given that the Biodistrict of the Valle dei Laghi already exists, strongly promoted by Cantina Toblino. It is a district that combines viticulture with sustainable tourism, made up of cycle paths and country roads that can be traveled on foot. Thus it is even more beautiful to discover the ‘Val del vent’, preserving the environmental biodiversity, the agronomic peculiarities, the goodness of the wines. Cantina Toblino is at the forefront of this agrobiological challenge.
With his country technicians he looks after his farm – 40 hectares in organic cultivation – involving many other winemakers, to stimulate them to cultivate better and more responsibly. Respecting Nature. And the wind. Because it is important to take more time, stop in the fields, smell the landscape, enjoy a good wine, share pleasures and … listen to the wind.
The picture is completed by Hosteria Toblino. A place where Chef Sebastian Sartorelli’s cuisine blends with the harmony of the Valle dei Laghi and its wines. Seeking the perfect balance between local specialties, sometimes linked to centuries-old traditions, and the creativity of modern cuisine.
Thus products of the earth, lakes, mountains and valleys are mixed, forming a painting to be experienced and tasted. A unique, unforgettable moment that will always remain etched in your mind and heart.

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