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In the Orro family company, being a winemaker is not only a job one is called upon to do when working with the land: this is the thought of Davide, a courageous and stubborn agronomist who understood from an early age the importance of defending, enhancing and developing the potential of the territory where he was born. This territory in ancient times was a crossroads of trade and from more than three thousand years, the bosom of one of the oldest and most important grape varieties in the history of enology: Vernaccia di Oristano.
We are located in Tramatza, a small rural village on the central west coast of Sardinia, where nature keeps its spaces in perfect balance between flora, spontaneous fauna and the man. This is a territory of great importance since ancient times: crossing point between the Campidano di Oristano and the Montiferru, an intense crossroads since the Roman era and still today a territory where traditions, agri-food knowledge and rural culture are preserved and handed down. The story begins a long time ago … when the first habitants of Sardinia, in an unaware and unconscious way, conceived Agriculture.
Today Davide and his family continue the tradition in the small and educational farm, 20 hectares of surface where all the products are processed on site, the wines in the cellar and the vegetables in the company food laboratory. Our work is inspired by and follows some fundamental principles and criteria: the defense of the biodiversity, the development of a sustainable agriculture, and the research for innovation without discarding traditional knowledge. For this we cultivate only native vines, olive trees and vegetables typical of the area. The defense of biodiversity also leads to the rediscovery and enhancement of ancient processing techniques and local recipes.
Tradition and innovation are always present in our work.
We cultivate the “Vernaccia di Oristano”, a white grape variety, and the red grape variety “Nieddera”. All of our wines are produced from the grapes that grow in our company, and they are vinified in purity. The same relationship can be found in the transformation of olives: after years of research, experiments and studies, they managed to restore breadth to an ancient recipe “Oìa Pistada” and more recently “OrroOlì”. Both are obtained with an ancient processing technique that allows us to preserve the fresh taste of the olive and that guarantee a healthy product with a low concentration of salt.
Our company is also an educational farm. We organize educational tours for classes of all levels and for tourists. The paths are thought to explain the process of food from the land to the table. Tasting is an important part of the journey that awakens taste and highlights the differences between ethical food and industrial food. In doing so, we pass on the rural knowledge of our territory to future generations, which are more at risk to forget the close relationship between food and life.
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