VOERZIO Wine is made in the vineyard and without a great vineyard, you can not make a great wine

Alberto Voerzio was born in 1983 and lives and works in the village of La Morra, the largest and highest village in Barolo. As a child he manifested a passion for the land and love for the vineyards, which induced him to attend studies in enology, during which time his passion for wine increased.With these experiences, he matured and gained more fundamental knowledge, enabling him to start his own winery in 2006. He works full-time for this passion, devoting most of his time in the vineyards as a grower “vigeron”. He follows the whole chain from the vineyard management until the wine is aged, bottled and sold.
The vineyards are between 10-40 years old, “La Serra” is an historic cru of La Morra with a south, southeast exposure. All the vineyards are managed with the utmost care from pruning to harvest. All pruning is done manually by hand using the Guyot system, leaving 5-6 buds per spur. During the summer we do 2 green harvests to drop fruit to maintain a very low yield. Fertilization is only done after harvest and before the plants go dormant, we use only natural “manure” products. No herbicides or chemical are used in the vineyards, weeds and cover crop are cut manually 2-3 times per year. Harvest normally begins at the end of September and is all done by hand with careful selection, bunch by bunch. Currently the winery has 6 hectares, which include 2 historic prestigious crus, 1.3 hectares of the cru “La Serra” in La Morra and 0.7 hectares in the cru “Castagni”, with the remaining vineyards in La Morra. Alberto personally follows the work in vineyards with great care and dedication by careful attention to every phase and manifest ion of life, preserving the taste of tradition and respect of the territory. The ripening of the grapes takes place through planned and targeted thinning to obtain low yields with high quality.
The vinification is done spontaneously without the addition of yeast, enzymes or activators. Normally around the 5th day after pressing the grapes, the fermentation starts and lasts about 12-15 days (depending on the vintage). In this phase, we make 2 manual pumpovers a day, one in the morning and the other in the evening, all temperature controlled. After the alcoholic fermentation is completed, 2 rackings are done to naturally clean the wine and a part of the winery is heated to facilitate the start of the malolactic fermentation, also spontaneous. When the malolactic fermentation is finished, we only add the necessary, as little as possible, amounts of sulfur and begin the aging in barriques. We do 3 rackings while aging the wine in barriques to filter the wine naturally of any residual deposits. The Barolo is aged 24 months in 25% new barriques, 75% used up to 3rd passage. The Langhe Nebbiolo is aged for 12 months in used barriques. After the aging in barriques, the wine is returned to stainless steel tanks, where it is left at 4 degrees Celsius for about 15 days to drop out naturally any remaining sediments and then racked 2 more times in the months before bottling. Towards the end of August, beginning of September the wine is bottled. All of our wines are unfiltered.

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