GHIONEWINE di Ghione Anna Authentic winemaker…in our life and in our heart

The Ghione winery, historic farmhouse named “Cà d’Gioto”, established in 1850, set right in the middle of one of the most renowned areas for Moscato d’Asti production, just above Canelli. Our aim is to promote the wine territory producing wines that embody its key sensory characteristics of freshness and minerality. The primary focus is on quality, that begins in the vineyard. The vineyards, grown in rows facing the sun, can receive the precious rays and breezes of the wind, essential to produce quality wine and give a decisive character. The grapes are selected with care and harvested by hand at the best time under the careful supervision of the oenologist. We take care on all manual procedures in order to rich full, uniform ripeness and health. High quality standards are maintained in the cellar, using the best technologies in order to offer a flawless product. Grapes are processed in full respect of work in the vineyard to highlight the sensory features of the site climates and imbue each wine with its own personality. Safety and sustainability have always been at the core of our philosophy, that respect human lives, the environment, and consumers. We are SQNPI (Italian System of Quality Integrated Production) certified. It means adhere to a strict of regulation, as established by the European Union program for integrated production. This certification is the result of many steps and controls throughout the production cycle, from the land to the bottle. A “genuine” wine is born out of the interaction between man, its vines and the climate: this union provides character and originality. Ghione Wines are characterized by intense scents, rich and balanced structures, soft and velvety tastes, ideal for every occasion, perfectly capable of meeting the requirements even of the most demanding consumer.

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