Assunta Madre An exclusive menu of the freshest fish

The Assunta Madre restaurant – in Rome and Milan – is one of a kind among Italian excellences. An elegant and evocative place where customers are welcomed as the real protagonists, to the point of being able to compose their own personal menu according to their tastes and based on the availability of first choice fish. The distinguishing feature of the restaurant is the large counter inside the restaurant: it displays a wide selection of fresh fish that changes every day according to what is caught in the morning. This means that customers can choose exactly what they want to eat, and can even have their say on how they’d like their fish cooked; each dish will be prepared with extreme care by qualified chefs, ready to satisfy every request. In the kitchen of Assunta Madre each ingredient, being an expression of the typicality of the Italian territory, is chosen with scrupulous care. Each aroma is calibrated to enhance and never cover the freshness of the raw materials. You can choose between assorted raw and hot appetizers, delicious first courses, second courses with the catch of the day and exquisite desserts from the pastry chef. All of this is combined with selected Italian and foreign wine and champagne. The menu also offers traditional Italian dishes which have been reinterpreted in modern form by legendary chef Franco Bloisi, masterful interpreter of all the mouth-watering culinary proposals and expert guide of the kitchen brigade. In Rome, Assunta Madre is located in the heart of the city, inside Palazzo Varese, a seventeenth-century building in via Giulia 14, one of the oldest streets between Piazza Navona and Campo de’ Fiori. To enter the historic Roman restaurant is an unforgettable experience: over the years it has become an unmissable appointment for actors, directors, writers and musicians from all over the world visiting the Eternal City. The interiors recreate an ancient fishing boat with exposed beams, and are divided into two main rooms and a private space reserved for dinners or special events. It is also possible to dine outdoors, in a courtyard decorated with camellias. In Milan, Assunta Madre is located inside the Breda tower in Piazza della Repubblica, 200 meters from the central station and close to the city’s historic luxury hotels. The tower, 116.25 meters high by 31 floors, is one of the tallest skyscrapers in Milan; built between 1950 and 1955, it became a symbol of the city’s rebirth after the Second World War. The Assunta Madre restaurant in Milan is arranged on three floors, it has three rooms and an exclusive private room with a private bar, which welcomes guests in the atmosphere of a prestigious sailing boat, embellished by the warmth of natural wood and a large library. Reservations are recommended for dining at Assunta Madre

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