Pico Gelato: the taste of an ice cream that does not bow
to the artifices of chemistry

PICO Gelato continues to carry on the taste of good ice cream and has opened its fifth store in Rome. Pico Gelato’s philosophy has been all about teamwork since it first opened in 2013, when Diego Barbaresi and a close friend started the business, which is now being run by his wife Valeria and sister Silvana. The commitment to producing a naturally good product is rewarded by the ever-growing demand, recognizing artisanal ice cream made with quality raw materials. The team includes key collaborators Valeria Nescatelli (marketing and communication) and Silvana Barbaresi (laboratory). Attentive and meticulous, they keep a watchful eye on all the work being done, starting with the light-colored wood furnishings and the use of the color green out of respect for the environment; simple, but cozy furnishings, a large counter with closed tubs (like in the old days) to ensure the ice cream is well preserved, the blackboard with handwritten flavors for you to choose from and the new products to taste with every seasonal change as well as the “specials” of each month. Fruit, always fresh and seasonal, is used to prepare the most sought-after flavors, especially in the summer period. A popular flavor is Pane Burro and Marmellata, but there will be no shortage of classics such as Pistacchio di Bronte (certified PDO), Stracciatella (with

dark 74% Ecopadorian chocolate), Almond (prepared with organic milk from the Latte Sano Farm and peeled twin almonds from Avola) and other flavors according to the season; for example, in winter we’ll have Chestnut and Strudel, while from September we’ll have September Kiwi, Pomegranate, and more, all to be tried at least once! Frozen Yogurt prepared from fresh natural yogurt and Fruit Slushies are very popular. Cool to-go cups for indulging in a tasty (and low-calorie) break during hot city days or even as a healthy and excellent snack for children. In winter, on the other hand, customers can get a taste of our Crepes, light and delicious, either with ice cream or, of course, with Nutella! We also make ice cream cakes, always welcome on the table and a perfect dessert to take to a dinner party with friends. Pico Gelato is a company founded on teamwork, which has made it possible for its business to grow thanks to the word of mouth of customers loyal to the philosophy of a genuine, healthy product, created with carefully chosen raw materials and handmade in the laboratory. The new store in Rome also respects the environment by using sustainable organic materials with special attention to packaging as well. Of course, in all stores it is possible (in addition to take away) to order via our app and have products delivered. But what does the name PICO mean? The name comes from the combination of the initials of Diego and Valeria’s 2 children: Pietro and Costanza. The kids love ice cream… how could we not dedicate a successful brand to them!

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