Satricvm, the magic of Agro Pontino

Satricvm, today known as Borgo Le Ferriere is a place of trade and cultural exchange between the sea, the Lepini mountains and Rome. Agro Pontino, along with its history and customs, is at the center of research by Max Cotilli & Sonia Tomaselli, creators and owners of the enchanted place called Satricvm: a restaurant and a graciously hospitable place with elegantly designed interiors complemented by a mesmerizing garden with attention to detail. The food and wine menu exalts the concept of being close to home, with ingredients dictated by the biodiversity of the area, small producers, local fish farmers and monitored supply chains resulting in daily sourcing of ingredients with the utmost respect for the seasons. Each landscape element, from the sea to the land, from rivers to the wetlands, is given homage with dishes that include fusions that weave into the gastronomic tale of Max’s origins and experiences with pairings that are daring yet fun, always aptly chosen by Sonia. Aquae d’Astura is the new tasting menu and the new adventure that Satricvm will offer, an experience in total harmony with the surrounding environment: between the waves and the wetlands.

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