Alma Sistemi

Italian excellence to innovation and technology development

ALMA Sistemi S.r.l. (ALMA) is an Italian SME active in the aerospace sector and providing high-level engineering and consultancy in the space and defence market.

Founded in 2005, today it has 16 employees and 2 permanent consultants. With a turnover in 2021 of 1.35 million Euros over the years it has developed a strong expertise in particular for Research and Technology Development (RTD) projects and industrial contracts in the space sector (MGSE – Mechanical Ground Support Equipment).
Currently ALMA is handling 5 Horizon 2020 and Europe RTD projects and two in Grant Agreement Preparation, 3 Nationals and 3 industrial in ESA programs (with other 3 in negotiation) almost all of them in coordination/prime contractor role. For years ALMA Sistemi has been operating in the sector providing services and engineering products in the field of mechanical and electrical ground support equipment, software, project management, CADM and product Assurance in the space market. It also participates in ITT/ RFQ and tenders issued by space agencies, EU and by Large Space Integrators (LSI) offering system engineering for satellite equipment and payloads (ground segment mechanical and electrical equipment). The company’s expertise also extends to value-added services in the space

market, with particular attention to Earth observation, scientific data exploitation and navigation applications; development of high-level software for aerospace applications, remote sensing data and image processing.
Recently ALMA is involved in high risk technology in plasma meta-surfaces for the telecommunication sector. Alma Sistemi’s MGSE team is able to develop all the design phases of different types of MGSE, starting from the proposal up to the Critical Design Review according
to ESA ECSS standards. The team provides oversight of all manufacturing, assembly, integration and testing activities through to product delivery and warranty period coverage. Space sector is full of excellence like ours and Alma Sistemi has a list of trusted suppliers for the production of MGSE both at a national and European level. The technical skills of the team cover the requirements of various classes of cleanrooms (from ISO8 to ISO5). ALMA Sistemi is ISO9001:2015 certified
for mechanical engineering.

Main customers for MGSE are Airbus De and FR, Thales Alenia Space FR and IT and OHB DE and IT. Here you can see videos about the biggest transport container for 7 tons satellite:

In the industrial production workshop, the robot arm of the automobile production line is working

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