The latest sourcing suite from SAP is set to bring huge benefits to one of the world’s biggest automotive suppliers. It can bring those same benefits to companies in China, says Bo Su

Since its launch in 2005 apsolut has proved one of the most successful consultancies specialising in procurement with SAP in Europe. We have established a proud track record working with companies of all sizes to reap the rewards of modern procurement and supply chain technology.
Now with offices across Europe and Asia, we offer our expertise in many countries including China, among the world’s fastest-growing and most dynamic economies. Working from our offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin, we focus on a wide range of solutions to enable cost savings, more efficient supply chains and improved supplier relations.
In Europe our work with one of the biggest companies supplying the global automotive industry demonstrates the results of our expertise.
We first implemented SAP Ariba and SAP S/4HANA Central Procurement at the Germany-based company which has already led to big supply chain efficiencies.
Now we are implementing SAP Product Sourcing Suite, a cutting-edge set of solutions for sourcing direct materials. The company is one of the first worldwide to implement SAP Product Sourcing Suite and apsolut is one the first consultancies globally to deliver such a project.

The solution is particularly suitable for complex technical products with long product cycles including automotive OEMs and sub-suppliers, manufacturers of household appliances and consumer goods.
The benefits it offers include cost savings and improved supply chain and procurement efficiencies, while the speed and flexibility it allows for creating or amending contracts and specifications also benefits suppliers, leading to improved suppler relations.
The SAP Product Sourcing Suite is an end-to-end solution enabling seamless collaboration with internal and external partners, shorter time-to-market for new products and efficient tools to better manage complex pricing requirements.
The implementation is expected to be completed by the first quarter of next year when the real benefits will begin to be felt.
apsolut is geared up to offer the same benefits to the Chinese market as those enjoyed by this client and many other major companies. With our on-the-ground expertise and experience, apsolut China has the ability to replicate the success of this project. And with the Chinese economy continuing to grow and develop, this could be the perfect time to talk to us about how we can help you go forward.

In the industrial production workshop, the robot arm of the automobile production line is working

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