A moment of delight and indulgence in Trastevere

You are in Rome, the eternal city, and you’re hungry. You are dying to try a typical dish. You have wandered through the amazing city and walked through the buzz of the crowds that distinguish the capital city. Now, your footsteps have led you to Trastevere. After all the beauty, sounds, and scents that you have surrounded yourself with, an osteria that is slightly secluded from the hustle and bustle, grabs your attention with mouth-watering fragrances of delicious dishes wafting in the air. It seems to be the perfect place for a break, so much so that it has turned out to be one of the most renowned historical osterias in the city. The history of Hostaria del Roody began in 1946 in Trastevere, serving simple, minimalist cuisine that reflects a passion for fresh, seasonal produce. It is a cozy and charming place, with a pleasant combination of delicious dishes and comfort in the heart
of picturesque Trastevere. On the menu, you will find specialties of authentic cuisine, where the ingredients are sought with care and dedication. They are skillfully enhanced to express the
typical taste which, bite after bite, narrates the history and culture hidden behind the flavors handed down through time. Hostaria del Roody is most certainly a landmark of tradition, a place where you can taste dishes that remind

you and celebrate the past heritage with a modern and avant-garde style that welcomes all palates with imaginative combinations.
The location makes it the perfect place for lunches or dinners, catering to couples, friends, and colleagues. It is like being hidden in a small quiet oasis, where you can enjoy some peace and quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Throughout generations, the deep-rooted Roman tradition runs through the floors, creeps from the
fixtures, and expands along the walls. You can breathe it in as you walk to your table, and observe it through the gestures and kindness of the attentive and welcoming staff. Moreover, you can read about it on the menu,
and savor it in the first bite until you are already almost nostalgic for it by the time you reach the last. Lunch or dinner at Hostaria del Roody is truly an unforgettable experience. Please remember to make a reservation by phone or directly through the website.

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