Pasta Fresca Naldi: a place where tradition and quality come together

Pasta Fresca Naldi, a place where tradition and quality come together. Pasta Fresca Naldi is a small take-out shop in Bologna that offers traditional homemade pasta. The shop is located in Via del Pratello, with illustrated shutters that make this place very characteristic. Pasta Fresca Naldi is a true reference point for those who want to taste fresh, high-quality pasta, all strictly made by hand and according to the tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation in the typical Emilian cuisine. Skilled hands are used to shape top-quality raw materials specially selected. Gnocchi, tortellini, lasagna: all the fresh pasta that has made Bolognese cuisine famous throughout Italy and the world, is prepared by Pasta Fresca Naldi with loving and expert hands.
The atmosphere will remind you of housewives dealing with doughs, experienced grandmothers preparing Sunday lunch for their grandchildren.
Pasta Fresca Naldi is, in fact, a “family affair”: started in 1985 by Valeria Naldi, who runs it with her daughter Elisabetta, the place immediately entered the hearts of the neighborhood, the city, and tourists from all over the world who had the chance to pass by or recommended by enthusiastic word of mouth!

Whether it’s retail or a ready-to-go dish, whether you take some tortellini to cook or choose to enjoy a ready-made lasagna, you will be impressed by the quality, which is often found in the simplest and most genuine ingredients, such as those used by Pasta Fresca Naldi for its recipes.
Tortellini with excellent filling, ready-made lasagna with a meticulously prepared and simmering ragù, Scrambled Tortellini, Pastry sweets filled with Gorgonzola, Parmesan and ricotta, sautéed with truffle porcini mushrooms! … Just examples of what makes the experience at Naldi Fresh
Pasta memorable.
At Pasta Fresca Naldi you can also buy trays of pasta prepared on the spot and consume them directly at home at the time you prefer! The desire to satisfy the customer is then one of the main
ingredients of the menu: for this reason, Pasta Fresca Naldi offers, in addition to delicious pasta, cordiality and kindness from the staff, who is also available to help you find the best spot to consume take-out. In addition, Pasta Fresca Naldi can also be purchased through home deliveries, guaranteed throughout the city. Do not miss the opportunity to taste our exceptional first courses on your next trip to Bologna!

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