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Baugiano: Tuscany gets educational

Overlooking the plains of Florence (from half an hour away) and nestled in the rolling hills of the Montalbano Natural Park, Baugiano has been welcoming families and schools for nearly 20 years with workshops and educational activities related to food, tra-ditions, sustainability, and inner growth while immersed in nature.

The day (Saturday or Sunday for families, weekdays for schools) begins at 10:30 a.m. with a welcome reception at the Refuge where a full lunch will be provided, and the first workshop will be held.
Children and adults can learn how to make Tuscan bread, cantucci’ biscuits or home-made pasta with fresh eggs, make cheese or minestrone with vegetables from the garden, work with legumes, sow and transplant, learn from bees and taste different honeys, rec-ognize and embrace trees, head into the “Bosco dei Folletti” at nighttime and let them teach you how to respect nature.

After the workshop, there is a visit to see the farm’s animals (baby goats, sheep, cows, donkeys, horses, alpacas, pigs and chickens, rabbits and pigeons) who are all happy to be petted.
Lunch is a set menu and changes according to the lessons and the seasons; it includes 2 first courses, a second course with side dish, dessert (our acclaimed doughnuts filled with cream or custard or chocolate), homemade bread made with Tuscan wheat, purified spring water,

wine and coffee. After lunch, the children can play with our very talented Peter Pan until 4 pm. For those staying overnight, in triple or quadruple rooms (each room has a theme, such as Leonardo, Knights, Fairy Cave), the day continues with caretaking where children can go in the pens and help us feed hay and grains to all our animals. If you get hungry, a nice snack awaits you with our Porcupine Game. Alternatively, you can have a delicious dinner with produce from the Farm, which includes organic vegetables, organic extra virgin olive oil, pork and veal, meats and cheeses, fresh eggs, honey and jams, and cookies. After dinner, we relax by cuddling the bunnies, who are accustomed to the little hands of children and adults thanks to Pet-Therapy.

Stefania, Miriam and Serena, and Andrea, grandfather of the vegetable garden, are waiting for you (reservation is necessary) to spend some regenerating moments together, during which you will learn many things while having fun. You will also be pampered by our chefs, who take requests, and by the surrounding unspoiled nature full of positive ener-gy.
See you soon!

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