A historical family business in the center of Como

The Castiglioni family has been present in Como since 1958 with its famous gastronomy and, in recent years, has expanded its activities to satisfy the different needs of its customers. In fact, today it manages not only the historic gastronomy, but also a restaurant and a wine shop. The Castiglioni specialty food shop is located in the heart of Como in Lombardy, via Cesare Cantù, 9.

In the same street there are also many shops and artisans and since the Nineteenth century, thanks to the charm it aroused in tourists, it has been called the “street of wonders “. The same charm of the past is still there today.

OUR HISTORY In 1958 Gianni Castiglioni began working with his wife by opening a shop in the old part of the city; he wanted to give his business a particular gastronomic tradition, and at the same time modern attitude. Thus Gianni began to introduce the first specialties still present. His son Marco then continued his work, accentuating the gastronomic part and opening the restaurant, still supported by his mother and now also by his wife and children.

GASTRONOMY In Castiglioni shop you can find many types of extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars of Modena, mushrooms and vegetables in oil, cheeses from all over Italy and you can also taste all this in the dining room restaurant. The shop is the longest-lived of the public food establishments in the city and has always sold wine and spirits in addition to the many food items. It is also possible to stop here for lunch. Castiglioni is also available on the internet with an online store for the sale of its specialties: it has in fact been active in electronic commerce since the 1990s and it owns the first license for e-commerce sales in Como and one of the first in Lombardy.

THE RESTAURANT In the historic center of Como, the local restaurant was inaugurated in 2023. Its aim is to help regular customers and tourists coming to Como from all over the world to find best gastronomic proposals and the best labels and to spend a lunch break, an aperitif or a pleasant evening tasting the proposals of chef Andrea. We have an internal room and an outdoor space in a reserved and quiet area to savor specialties and typical products as well as a well-curated daily menu. Particularly important is the wine which with over 1,300 labels from all over the world is one of the best collections in Como.

CASTIGLIONI WINERY Over the last few years, the owners have decided to invest further in the wine product and reserve an entirely dedicated activity for it by opening the wine shop in Via Rovelli, 17. The selection of labels today consists of around 1000 references including sparkling, white, rosé, red, sweet, fortified and distilled wines. Enoteca Castiglioni boasts wines from every region of Italy and some labels from the main European wine regions. The goal is to further expand the proposal of national and foreign wines offered through new targeted additions that will complete and enrich the assortment.

Any bottle on the shelf can be served at the table and paired with the dishes on the wine bar menu. Lastly, it organizes thematic evenings of tasting of wine and courses.

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