A place to relax and enjoy delicious homemade products

Crazy Cat Cafe is a unique space where you can carve out a special moment to relax (and purr!) in the hustle and bustle of the city, inspired by Japanese Neko Cafés In Japan and the rest of the world, the Neko Café is more an excuse to hang out with the cats; but we, as typical Italian foodies, put the dining proposal at the first line, to meet the ethological and behavioral needs of our hosts, but also to give our clients an incredible experience. The cats inside the venue, are fewer than our eastern cousins and the spaces are balanced between tables, sofas, and suspended paths. Our clientele is wide and diverse: kids, couples and large families.

What they have in common is the passion for cats and the desire to enjoy a break at a slow feline pace. Our menu is constantly evolving; we opt for a unique proposal, favoring homemade products and seasonal specialties. When we first opened, the concept of “brunch” was still relatively unknown in Milan, and we were among the pioneers. Still to this day, no one can beat our savory waffles! The coffee bar also plays a central role; we are true to Italian tradition with a touch of international originality. In addition to the perfect cappuccino, our Cat Café is the ideal place for cold brew coffee, 100% Arabica filter coffee, homemade lemonades, and the delicious pastries made by our pastry chef. Every moment is perfect for a simple snack, as well as for refined lunches and aperitifs.

Events and tea tastings. We only organize events that can embrace the spirit and relaxed atmosphere typical of a Cat Cafe. The ritual of tea, its knowledge and the fine tastings we offer are in perfect harmony with the experience. We also organize Coffee and craft beer tastings, with local professionals and producers. The cats go crazy for these gatherings, where they can walk among the customers with minor disturbances during the demonstrations.

Charity events, solidarity aperitifs, and in-depth discussions with experts in feline relationships and cat behavior. The Crazy Cat Cafe is home to 8 very fortunate “orphans” who needed love. This wouldn’t have been possible without the associations and volunteers who take care of many cats in need. The least we can do is to support them by giving visibility, a physical place to meet and be known, and a portion of our earnings for direct support. We organize charity aperitifs and dinners. These events are highly appreciated, and the feedback is powerful. We also organize events with behavioral professionals to guide customers towards a greater awareness of feline needs and improve the way we take care of them.

Eight half-breeds rescued cats who needed a family. Our cats were chosen based on their personalities: they love human contact! They come from different places, but their stories are similar because they have all been rescued by local associations. Some of them are less fortunate than others, like our Joey, who had an unfortunate encounter with a trap and had to be amputated. Or Freddie, who lost an eye due to an infection. But these are not sad stories; they proof that even special cats manage to get along with humans, and live full and happy lives! All our cats have been lucky and are now real stars, so much so that even their names are inspired by music legends: Freddie Mercury, Joey Ramone, Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, Elvis, Bowie, Blondie, and the legendary Mina!

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