Perlecò. Just good

Gelateria Perlecò is a family-run business that opened in 2015, located a few meters from the Alassio pier, close to the beach. We learned the art from a great artisan of our region and from courses, books and experiences that we consumed avidly to improve ourselves and explore new challenges. The first hemp-based ice cream, Fior di Canapa, made us acquire notoriety through national and non-national media: even the CNN talked about us. We later won awards like the Canapa Mundi (Rome) and the first phase of “Alassio drink” with the Sun leaf ice cream cocktail.

Our passion always takes over despite some difficulties, including the last hitch of the pandemic, when we organized home deliveries. On social media we invented a game (“Guess the taste”) to alleviate the boredom of the days and, at the same time, to work a little and…experiment. Violet, rose, chamomile become flavors that rotate in our shop window.

One day we met the Lavanda Consortium of the Riviera dei Fiori and the Imperia lavender, the only species of plant that doesn’t contain camphor. Lavender, Fior di Lavanda, lemon: we brought these flavors to fairs, events and workshops, where we met many local realities that produce exceptional products. An example: the black garlic of Vessalico by Osvaldo Maffone, which we transformed into a highly appreciated ice cream, or Maixei which made us discover a spectacular vermouth, Rebissu, that matches perfectly with black garlic ice cream.

With the fishermen of the area we created “Acciugó” the ice cream parlor version of an Alassian, with bread ice cream (strictly Gluten free, we are AIC certified), butter and anchovy mousse. With the candied persimmons of the U Tumeo di Vendone company, “U tumeo di Perlecò” was born, a dessert that uses persimmons, very common but an underestimated fruit in our area. And again, Olio Raineri for the Evo oil ice cream with bread and salt, a dish from our tradition as well as the white-fleshed peaches from Romano who grows this fruit at an altitude that enhances its flavours.

Then came Cna Imperia which led us to carry out various workshops, increasing our notoriety experiences with other artisans and chefs,who taught us a lot. The Ravera bio farm invited us to a tasting of flowers, to try the incredible experience of eating flowers directly from the plant … colors and flavors that blew our minds. We got involved in the Tastee project, a company that deals with flower transformation. Begonia and I love Alassio-FiordiBegonia were born, both candidates for the of the municipality of Alassio, dark Madagascar with nasturtium and pink pepper, Bocca di leone a flavor very similar to the most famous hazelnut cream obtained with snapdragon and many others.

In April we will present 12 flavors of flowers at Villa Ormond in Sanremo, also transformed into “ready” ones for high-level ice cream parlors and restaurants. On the 20th of June we took part in the TV show on the Italian channel RAINEWS 24. Our sons are engaging in the company, and this drives us to do more and better.

This year the Gambero Rosso awarded us a cone and the Cna has recognized us as “Superior Class Artisans”; these awards together with our tight-knit group, make us confident in achieving our goals. We will certainly always be eager to continue learning and knowing. Looking closely at the roots, the traditions, history and culture of our land, those we want to own and tell. With an ice cream!

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