When passion meets experience

You know, when passion meets experience…… this is where Pasticceria Pavesi, a Piedmontese artisan excellence, was born in 2010. Twelve passionate professionals led by Stefano, the owner, a master pastry chef and expert in leavened goods, are at your disposal to create your perfect dessert. In particular, our offer is addressed to companies that require a fully “made in Italy” product, designed according to their needs, or to those who are looking for a product with a classic recipe but created with raw materials of the highest level.

We have always considered the choice of raw materials a key starting point for the production of a high-quality product. Our selection is among the best Italian flours and dairy products. Do you know how a traditional Italian panettone is created? Let me tell you! We start with a first dough made with flour, water, eggs, butter, and sourdough that needs to rise for at least 12 hours. At a later time, it is kneaded again with flour, butter, eggs, sugar and finally a touch of imagination to create a personal recipe.

After another rising time, and then it is portioned into the baking mould. Another few hours of rising and then, it’s time for baking. After that, the panettone it is taken out of the oven and turned upside down to rest for at least 12 hours. Now is the time to stuff the panettone, to pack it and to send it… anywhere in the world.

Well, from the first dough to packaging 48 hours pass. It is the time required to allow the dough to be processed, to rise and to rest. Only in this way it is possible to obtain a leavened product of excellence. All our products can be created with custom packaging, starting with choosing the paper type, colour and printing and even customizing the baking mould.

Just some examples of our products are:

  • classic panettone with orange candied fruit and raisins
  • glazed panettone with Sicilian almonds
  • dark chocolate panettone
  • apricot and amaretto panettone
  • pistachio and crunchy panettone
  • red fruits and white chocolate panettone
  • chocolate and pears panettone
  • classic pandoro
  • milk and coffee pandoro
  • blueberry and chocolate pandoro

Do we whet your appetite? Perfect! And if you’d like, together we can think about the most suitable customization, according to your and your customers’ tastes.

We are a company with a special attention to sustainability: the energy we use is largely derived from renewable sources. We are available for quotations, product sampling and worldwide shipping.

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