PAUSA YOUR ITALIAN BREAK Pasta – Pizza – Gelato & More

Pausa “YOUR ITALIAN BREAK,” the first “taste of Italy”: a format that brings together all the best of Italy, made by Italians. Pausa was born in Hong Kong in 2013 with a temporary restaurant, offering pizza, pasta, ice cream and coffee by selecting small Italian artisanal producers: the Italian “break” is immediately appreciated. “Simple, easy, fun, healthy, artisanal and sustainable.” “These are our strengths” tells entrepreneur Marco Cattaneo.

After a life as a manager in a multinational corporation with the leitmotif of “take a break from a busy day,” and a tradition in his blood handed down from his grandfather Agostino, owner of Trattoria Erbe in Tortona in business from 1940 to 1970, he decided to found Pausa, the casual restaurant perfect for a shopping break a stone’s throw from the Duomo of Milano, at No. 28 Via Cesare Correnti.

“The Mediterranean diet is a nutritional model recognized in 2010 by UNESCO as a protected good and included in the Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. That’s why when we found ourselves in Asia we thought of proposing a catering model that would respect it, perfect even for those who only have a short break. We want to export our mediterraneity “says Cattaneo, “but with an Italian format, marked by internationality, till now proposed abroad almost entirely by foreign operators.” “The guests of Pausa can linger as long as they wants, to read, study, work with open wi-fi and.

We also have dedicated an entire room with sofas to relaxation and reading.” And like any other format there is the possibility of take-away and or to have our proposals delivered home via delivery services. Our proposals: PastaBox: fresh pasta in three types (long, short, stuffed) and with different sauces including classic (tomato, arrabbiata, butter and sage), delicious (pesto, ragout) and temptations (cacio e pepe, carbonara, walnut sauce, porcini mushrooms).

Pizza: long (from about 33 cm, to share), by the slice or “Roman style” with 48 hours of dough rising Coffee: an Italian blend was chosen, enhancing the coffee, as the market requires today. Ice cream: the choice was to recreate that international atmosphere with espresso ice cream, which is lighter, more fun and digestible than the classic. Design: The desire was to recreate environments in which to carve out a Pause in the intensity of daily life, to give the feeling of a quieter pace in the frenzy of metropolises (starting from Milan and landing all over the world).

Therefore, important spaces are dedicated to people. And in addition, playing with authentic features and warm materials, recreating that genuineness typical of Italian trattorias, while maintaining an environment that looks abroad: a Little Italy in Pausa. A simple, minimalist line that puts whoever comes to Pausa at ease. A multi-speed space: from the entrance, for those who have a short break, with quick stools, to the deepest part of the place, dedicated solely to reading, with lots of hanging greenery. So a simple, easy but cozy space, to contain a broad dining product, ranging from breakfast to dinner, with the same warm welcome that an Italian abroad would use to greet a fellow countryman.

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