The sign of a dream: Knowledge – Art – Culture.


The Aurea Signa Association was born in 2004 from the passion and will of Cesare Verona, councilor of the Association and managing director of Aurora. Its aim is to promote the art of writing, its tools and different techniques, while at the same time creating a strong link with the territory, through various initiatives and collaborations developed over the years. Their largest project carried out concerns the creation of Officina della Scrittura, the first museum dedicated to Sign and Writing.


The Aurora Company is at the forefront in the production, and commercialization, of luxury writing instruments, paper, leather goods and watches. Since 1919 the values that made the company an international leader in its field is the passion for beauty and style, together with the highest attention for quality in every detail. Today, Aurora is a global brand, constantly looking for innovative solutions to guarantee for its client’s products of excellence, proudly Made in Italy.

It is the only Italian company, and one of the few in the world, that entirely covers every stage of production. The manufacturing is realized with typical jewellery techniques and supported by highly technological productive phases.


Officina della Scrittura, is inaugurated in 2016 thanks to the Aurea Signa Association, the European Community’s support and private funds. It is a true “Citadel of Knowledge”, the place where everything related to the culture of writing and the human sign is displayed: from the cave paintings to the various forms of contemporary communication.

A unique museum that shows a perfect mix of technology and tradition, through an organic path that excites and educates the public of all ages. Officina della Scrittura is a visual, cognitive, sensorial and interactive experience that will allow you to discover the world of signs. You can also admire some of the main instruments used for writing, from the papyrus up to the tablet. Subsequently, an immersion in the world of fountain pen: from the 13 Queens, pens that have left a mark in the world, true jewels and icons of the ‘900, to the history of Aurora, which with its pens has marked the last hundred years of the Italian history.

The museum trained staff, during the guided tours, organizes many activities such as calligraphy, graphology and psychology courses and workshops. Officina della Scrittura is also a place where you can organize events, its rooms equipped with the most modern technologies and services, are suitable for hosting meetings, conventions, training activities but also cocktails and light dinners. Also, an area of 250 square meters inside the structure is entirely dedicated to modern and contemporary art. Through ever amazing exhibitions of works of famous and emerging artists that using the sign and the graphic language as a privileged iconography.

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