Bots and the quantum leap in purchasing

Large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT are considered an AI revolution. They enable chatbots that are able to conduct human-like conversations and answer complex questions. Purchasing can also benefit from these innovative text robots. Sergen Batman and Sirui Liu from the apsolut Group explains.

LLM chatbots are trained using deep learning techniques to recognise patterns and correlations between words and phrases in huge amounts of data. This enables them, for example, to conduct a question-and-answer dialogue with requesters in purchasing to select the right items. “If a desk is required, for example, the bot asks for the desired version – colour, dimensions and material – and automatically creates the appropriate order in the purchasing system,” says Sergen Batman, SAP BTP Architect at apsolut. Other LLM bots are used to automatically determine the product group, which is a key time waster in operational procurement.

Reducing tail spend

LLM bots that take over negotiations with suppliers for tail spend orders are another interesting application scenario. Most procurement organisations do not use employees for this task, as it does not appear to be worthwhile due to the low individual volume of these orders. “In total, however, the tail spend savings potential can accumulate considerably,” emphasises Sirui Liu, Technical Director at apsolut China, “LLM negotiation bots help companies to exploit it.”

Relief from routine

The automation of routine tasks by text robots significantly reduces the time and costs involved in procurement. Buyers are relieved of monotonous tasks and can concentrate on strategic issues. LLM bots are available 24/7, communicate with users in their local language and can deal with any enquiry immediately as they have direct access to the purchasing systems. In addition, error rates are reduced and data quality increases, as the bots can only work reliably if the data records in the backend are continuously maintained.

Focus on SAP customers

As a specialist for SAP-based procurement, apsolut is a solution provider and consulting partner for SAP customers that ensures the seamless integration of LLM bots into existing SAP systems. This applies both to apsolut’s own procurement bots and to the text robots that SAP has developed specifically for procurement. Over many years of close partnership with SAP and numerous customer projects, apsolut has been able to build up comprehensive expertise to enable SAP customers to optimise the use of LLM bots.

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