Zyme: between tradition and innovation

The name Zymè comes from ancient Greek and means “yeast”, the fundamental element for winemaking and the natural processes so beloved from the founder Celestino Gaspari, oenologist of this winery, who focus his production on sustainability.

Zymè borns in 1999 from the “garage” of Celestino’s house and in few years with the exchange of spaces he bought an ancient cave of sandstone from the XV century. A cave used during that centuries for the construction and renovation of churches and villas in the area. Some years after the transformation of the cave into a refinement area a new construction takes place where the architecture inspire at the cave itself creating a fil rouge between past and present and defining the new image which want to enforce the concept of the five elements of the logo. The architecture that draws visitors from all over is at the same time expression of logistics, this because beyond welcoming new visitors is place of winemaking and wine refinement.

I’ve always loved nature since my childhood, I didn’t care something specific but the simply contact with it. I’ve spent some years directly connected with nature and animals and I’ve always had the feeling that I could talk with them, and they answer me. I’ve learned the respect for nature and the best way to co-operate with it without wasting. I’ve learned that I have time to look for transformations, to give and to take back.

This way of working was over years a life school where there’s not the needing of inventing anything but only to learn how to be in relation in a concept of mutual exchange. Than all the path until today was nothing else than a continuous stimulus to get always more into detail almost to understand that perfection is the same sensation that we have when we read a good book.

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