Antica pasticceria Castino and Miradolo Castello

On December 24, 2014, the Cosso Eynard family, originally from Pinerolo, reopened the Antica Pasticceria Castino in the heart of the city, reviving the historic establishment that had unfortunately been closed for years. The brand was reintroduced with the kind permission of Gemma Castino, the daughter of the founding pastry chef, known in the first half of the twentieth century as the “Michelangelo of chocolate”.

The pastry shop was completely renovated and restored, preserving the nineteenth-century design. During that era, Pinerolo was known for cavalry, animated by illustrious figures such as Captain Federico Caprilli, to whom the historic Cavallerizza of 1910 (the famous riding school) is now dedicated, once the largest and one of the most beautiful in Europe.

The pastry shop has its own artisanal workshop, led by Master Pastry Chef Davide Muro, where delightful sweet and savory treats are produced daily with the utmost attention to the quality of raw materials and artisanal production processes.

The tradition of Piedmontese pastry meets the innovation and creativity of the pastry chef. This features a production of small, fresh and dry pastries, in sweet and savory versions, ideal for cocktail hour. In addition, there is a rich selection of cakes, panettones (Christmas sweetbread), other leavened products, artisanal pralines, marron glacé (candied chestnuts), glazed citrus peels, assorted croissants, and many other delicacies created with passion and love for tradition and the city of Pinerolo.

Antica Pasticceria Castino has another branch and a café inside the Miradolo Castle in San Secondo di Pinerolo, where you can enjoy Castino’s specialties all day long. During the warm season, the outdoor seating amidst the lush greenery provides an oasis of tranquility in the intimate courtyard, surrounded by aromatic plants and flowers.

Countess Sofia Cacherano of Bricherasio, the owner of the residence until 1950, used to visit Giuseppe Castino’s “realm”, especially on Sundays, to buy pastries and baked goods for festive occasions. It was in his Pinerolo workshop that Castino created the famous cake, Torta Zurigo-Castino, commissioned by Princess Yolanda of Savoy.

Today, the Miradolo Castle serves as the headquarters of the Cosso Foundation, which has been planning and promoting cultural and social events ranging from exhibitions to musical concerts since 2008. From March 23 to December 25, 2024, the castle will host a major exhibition dedicated to Giorgio Griffa, also featuring specific works created by the Turin-based artist in the park, showcasing his role in contemporary painting research.

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