Kilburn Milan: vintage refuge for a surprising journey into taste

In the heart of the lively Porta Venezia in Milan lies Kilburn Milano, a cocktail bar that serves as the perfect refuge for those seeking an exquisite blend of vintage charm and modern sophistication. Step into a world where every detail tells a story, in a unique, curated and meticulously crafted atmosphere.

A Story in Every Sip Kilburn boasts a special selection of Signature Cocktails, each with its own story, guiding patrons through a true sensory and gustatory journey. From floral to fruity, spicy, and exotic cocktails, each drink tantalizes the palate and ignites the senses. Flavors are delicate yet persistent, made exclusively with highquality ingredients to ensure the excellence of our spirits.

Vintage Ambiance The location reflects a deep love for vintage aesthetics. An immersive environment with soft lights, antique chairs, late 19th and early 20thcentury chandeliers, wooden and marble tables—all wrapped in the distinctive fragrance of Kilburn Milano, a perfume that combines amber and patchouli. Whether you want to spend time with friends, enjoy a romantic date, or conduct business, Kilburn provides the perfect setting.

Regal Corner For a touch of royalty, The Queen’s Room is a ladies’ restroom adorned with wooden boiserie and enchanting flowers contrasting with the golden mirror. This charming corner pays homage to Queen Elizabeth and serves as the ideal backdrop for instant selfies and unique photos to share immediately! #kilburnmilano

Elite Milano Since May 2023, Kilburn has expanded its horizons with the opening of Elite Milano, the Sushi Cocktail Bar by Kilburn Milano. The venue offers the same drinks with an extra touch: Mediterranean sushi. The menu is inspired by the Campanian origins of owner Ennio Lettera and the Sicilian heritage of partner Alessio Di Falco. Furthermore, the menu features cocktail recipes transformed into uramaki, gunkan, tartare, or desserts—a delightful interaction between food and drink! The unmistakable vintage touch is not missing; an intimate space that transports you to another era. Evocative music and décor from the past, with a constant gaze towards the future.

A complete experience for your evening in Milan Kilburn and Elite Milano are both located on Via Panfilo Castaldi. Conveniently plan the perfect evening: start with an aperitif at Kilburn, move on to a delightful dinner at Elite, and conclude the night with a relaxing whiskey or digestif. The possibilities are endless, just like the stories our venues would tell, if they could.

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