Caoscreo, laboratory of ideas, cross-way of talents, land-in-between the idea and the productive experience

Caoscreo is a lab of emotions, the meeting point of ideas, talent and freshness of designers which express freely their creativity. With Caoscreo, metal becomes art: all our objects are made by this durable, malleable, recyclable material. Often the metal is painted, but we maintain its natural version, original in its appearance and absolutely ecological.
2.D is a modern icon, minimalist, with simple and well defined lines. Its silhouette makes it very recognizable. In its Night Version is perfect as a night light on a nightstand; in its Living version it can be placed on a desk or in an entrance; 2.D will furnish the space with elegance. The Blank spaces will be enlivened by all the colors of 2.D: white, black, red, yellow, orange, fuchsia, blue, green and lilac.
We create simple, linear, accessible lighting and furnishing, thinking about elements which could express personality, originality but, at the same time, which are able to donate value to a space. The attention to the details it’s the distinguishing mark of our production and our made in Italy style.
Skylight, light-up accessory to be fixed on the wall or to be placed on a surface. The profile of the city of Milan is made by a sheet of calamine steel which makes every piece unique, as the dark shades of this type of metal, used in form of plates, assume different striations and shade on every different plate. Laser cutting and bending donate shape and three-dimensionality to Skylight.
Who visited the Italian metropolis will easily recognize the shape of many different historical monuments, such as the Cathedral, the Arco della pace, the Castello Sforzesco, and besides them, the new skyscraper, symbol of the future of the city. The led lights, powered by an USB port, give an intimate and comfortable atmosphere to the space and to the observer’s eyes.
Practicality and beauty combine to create products that are not just objects, but little wonders and waking dreams.
Claude&Claudette seem made by air, but in fact they are strong supports for books, newspapers, ornaments. Decorate your walls with our soft clouds, available in two formats, and imagine a new design for your kid’s room, or for your studio. You can choose between the right and the left version, combining them to the two sides of the bed, and using them as nightstands. In grey days, the white, red, yellow, orange, fuchsia, blue, green, lilic colors of Claude&- Claudette will be an unexpected note of joy.


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