Alessio Patalocco – Here different projects can be compared with the context and the original concept

Alessio Patalocco, architect and Ph.D in Urban and Architectural Design, started his career as a master of art and applied design. He is the holder of Alessio Patalocco Atelier, funded in 2008 in Terni, the city of the Marmore Fall and of the famous steel mills: a unique combination of nature and technique in which the gentle Umbria’s landscape and the technological vocation of this land meet and mingle, giving rise to a territory aimed at the supply of goods and special services oriented to wellness and excellence.
Patalocco is Professor of Visual Communication and Information Architecture at the University of Foreigners of Perugia. He worked in Europe and Asia on behalf of important partners and he is a member of the International Design Union in Beijing from 2009. He participated in several international design competitions, lot of them in China, Japan and Honk Hong where he also spent a period of research during his Ph.D.
He has been interviewed by several international magazines and he recently took part to the Urbanism Biennal in Shenzhen (2019). He has exhibited his works in several galleries, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roma (2018), the Luo Zhi Art Gallery in Chongqing (2016), and he took part in the first Biennal of Public Space in Roma, in 2011. As a speaker, Prof. Patalocco frequently takes part in international cultural activities. His most prestigious conference took place at the World Congress of Architecture, in 2011, in the Tokyo International Forum.
The slogan Less (Money) is More (Beauty) is the perfect synthesis of an approach that is representative of Patalocco territory of origin: in constant search of beauty through a straight and simple approach, in which financial resources are optimized, avoiding waste and anything that is kitch! Alfredo Passeri, architect and critic, described Patalocco’s architectures as structures that aim to an emotional effect, conveying feelings similar to a “beautiful sunny day”. Fulvio Leoni, architect and critic, has highlighted Patalocco’s design process, that, through a research on the contraposition between form and colors, leads to architectural solutions that appeared unthinkable. Giacomo Nencioni, Professor at the University of Tuscia, thinks that Patalocco’s expressive architectures are the result of the relationship between the “line” and that “artistic touch of the hand” that appears clearly also in his urban installations.
His Atelier is made by a network of designer that widens and narrows in very flexible working teams, in which take part also economists, sociologists, art historians (besides engineers, architects and artists) ensuring multidisciplinary as an added value. Enrico Menduni, writer and journalist, identifies two key elements in his success: the connection with the world and the integration of several different working figures in his team.
Alessio Patalocco is always enthusiast when he can work in China and Far East, as this part of the World is a strong source of inspiration for his imagination: a return to the roots of a humanity that has always nourished itself in the relationship between East and West, the sky and the earth. 1.Project for Dell’Olmo Square, new flooring, lighting and fixed roofs for nightclubs (2014).
2.Contemporary Covered Market of 400 sqm made by tubular for scaffolding and greenhouse sheets (2016).
3.”Home V” (2020) details of a stair made by a single metal plate press-folded.

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