MUSSINI GIORGIO Quality, passion and reliability. For a sea experience you’ll never forget

Mussini Giorgio was born in the 1950s as a family business, and takes its name from its founder Giorgio Mussini- who is still part of the staff today. Initially, it provided berths and was in charge of chartering in the enchanting bay of the Port of Portofino; from the 1980s it also began to build small boats (from a range of 5 meters up to a maximum of 10). The first boat built was the Utility Portofino, in the 1970s: a totally wooden boat, with an elegant and comfortable shape reminiscent of the pleasure boats that plowed the Gulf of Tigullio in the 1930s. The Portofino Utility was very successful in all its versions, from the smallest of almost 6 meters to the largest of 7 and a half meters. In the 2000s, this amazing success was replicated with the creation of the Corvetta 24, a fiberglass utility, the best-selling today. The shipyard’s flagships are the Paraggina 10 and Paraggina Tender Line, larger boats that reach 10 meters in length.
Ease of navigation in maximum style
The Paraggina 10 was born from the customers’ need to have a boat capable of reaching Corsica or Sardinia from Portofino in complete tranquility and to be able to spend in comfort more than a week on board. Designed by the architect Edoardo Miola in close collaboration with Gaetano Mussini, its design is inspired by the unmistakable line of the yard, and also in this case wood is the main theme of the finishes and furnishing elements, where the alternation of teak and mahogany creates pleasant contrasts. Both the interiors and the cockpit area are fully customizable according to the tastes and wishes of the customer: no Paraggina is the same as any other.
Paraggina Tender Line is an evolution of the original Paraggina 10 project, and has a very large cockpit to comfortably accommodate a greater number of passengers.
Thanks to the precious collaboration with Engineer Edoardo Tonani, the result is incredible: the command bridge has been moved forward, gaining space in the cockpit, reducing the space of the internal cabin which remains comfortable and allows also Paraggina Tender Line to be used in multi-day outings.
Fast, elegant and sporty, Paraggina Tender Line has hit the hearts of new customers, who found with it an alternative to the classicism of the Paraggina 10.

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