HOTEL BOLIVAR South Italy sea sun beaches history and Mediterranean diet

“For your next trip in Italy, the perfect combination of history and seascape, for a holiday steeped in sunshine and unspoiled nature. Our welcoming rooms and our traditional cuisine will help you rediscover the pleasures of life.”
At Hotel Bolivar you will find the just right notes for your ideal holiday: a wide golden beach that slopes gently down to a squeaky clean sea, an uncontaminated nature, sport, culture and fun galore!! Fantastic flavors, street markets, fêtes and an host of events to liven up your summer, full of exciting and sparkling surprises.. opportunities not to be missed and never to be forgotten.
Cilento.. not only sea!!! But Nature, history, tradition and genuine foods, in a truly unique and rich hinterland, that will delight you with the treasures of its small towns – sites of incomparable historical, archaeological and artistic interest: Paestum and Velia with their Roman remains,
Padula with the monastery with one of the biggest cloister in the world, the Angel caves of Pertosa aged about 35 milions years and the second Italian National Park with the coastline of unique beauty and many excursions in the magical and uncontamined hinterland. We can arrange services and experiences to you and ensure a comfortable and interesting stay in Italy. The goal is to help you organize your vacation in Italy according to your needs and interests.
Guests are our top priority; we provide only high quality experiences and expert services such Cooking class to discover the Mediterranean diet with a visit to the manufacturing companies. Wine tours with visits to cellars and wine tasting directly in the land where they are produced. We can combine for our guests a visit to the Mount Vesuvius National Park with an excursion to see the ruins of Pompeii, the archaeological site to visit at least once in a lifetime. An ancient Roman city where everything stood still at the eruption of 79 AD. Then lots and lots of sea, snorkeling and diving in the fantastic blue sea of the Marine Protected Area of Camerota Infreschi.
To make your holiday even better you can indulge in many sports like snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving with federal istructors or going from simple and relaxing hikings among woods and meadows in bloom to the emotional entries into caves, hiking, riding horse and bike trails along the Cilento coast are some of the activities that you can experience during your trip to Cilento in Marina di Camerota at the Bolivar Hotel even with the support of expert guides gives your full disposal in a friendly atmosphere.. You just have to pack your suitcase, we’ll take care of the rest.
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