LA SOURCE The best wine-growing areas

The La Source farm was born in 2003 from the experience and passion of a group of some young farmers experienced in the wine sector, descendants of Valle d’Aosta families who have been dedicated to agriculture for generations.
Currently the company is owned by the Celi-Cuc family and Stefano Celi is its soul. Born in 1971, graduated agricultural expert at the Salesian institute of Lombriasco, descendant of a family who for generations has dedicated himself to agriculture in Valle d’Aosta, after other work experiences, and always part-time farmer, since 2005 he has dedicated himself full-time to agricultural and particularly wine-growing activities. The 7 hectares of vineyards are cultivated with international vines (Syrah, Chardonnay, Gamay, Moscato, Traminer) and autochthonous (Arvine, Petit Rouge, Fumin, Premetta, Cornalin and Vien de Nus), are found in the best wine-growing areas of the
Aosta Valley.
The care of the vineyards is followed by the owner who chooses the best agronomic techniques in order to be able to have vineyards that best express their potential.
The company produces three types of white wines (Petite Arvine, Chardonnay, Ensemblo), five red wines, two of which have a good structure (Cornalin, Torrette, Gamay, Torrette, Superiore, Syrah), a meditation wine (Vin du Paradis and a Passito (“Charmant”).
Her wines have received numerous awards in wine competitions, also thanks to the experience of the winemaker Mario Ronco who has been following her for several years now and this encourages her to grow and improve.
Since the company strongly believes in the development of tourism linked to the wine sector, this year it has opened a sales point aimed at marketing its products and a farmhouse with seven rooms with bed & breakfast formula. But work is already underway to open a restaurant that will offer the opportunity to taste traditional and non-traditional dishes, created with raw materials mainly produced by the company in combination with its wines.

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