CLAUDIO MARIOTTO Best quality wines, for a careful consumer

In the hills of Tortona, the first village we find is Vho, from which is named one of the main wines of Claudio Mariotto winery, managed by Claudio Mariotto with the help of his partner Rossana, brother Mauro and mother Piera.
The winery, which extends on a 100 hectares territory, 50 of which are cultivated as vineyards in the communes of Tortona and Sarezzano, has been producing wine for generations. In fact, it was established in 1920 by the great-grandfather Bepi, and later it was managed by Grandfather Salvatore and father Oreste.
The daily life in contact with the vineyard, the cellar techniques used and the care with which every phase of the production process is followed, from the ripening of grapes to the aging of the best wines in casks, guarantee Claudio Mariotto’s wines a high quality standard which offers to connoisseurs a complete selection of the best wines of Tortona hills: white wines such as Cortese and Timorasso, red ones as Barbera, Freisa, Bonarda, Croatina. In particular, among the white wines produced in Claudio Mariotto’s winery, we want to mention: Coccalina, L’Indagato, Profilo, Bricco San Michele, Cavallina, Derthona, L’Imbevibile e Pitasso. Among red wines: Martirella, Territorio, Campo del Gatto, Braghè, Vho, Montemirano, Poggio del Rosso. In order to satisfy a market more and more attentive to quality, Claudio Mariotto selects the most suitable vines cultivated in the hills in the most ad hoc areas, where the quality of grapes is definitely higher. Derthona is Timorasso.
From the end of the nineties, Claudio Mariotto cultivated Timorasso and vinified its grapes with increasing passion and satisfaction. Before that time this vine, although it has always been part of the culture of Tortona’s territory, had never been very popular in the area, where preference was given to Barbera or Cortese.
Comforted by the qualitative potentialities of Timorasso, Mariotto changed the productive guidelines of his winery, focusing on a range highly representative of the reality of his hill and of the territory where his vineyards are located.
To this end, he thought of using this autochthonous type of grape to produce a white wine of great personality, which could be of great help to collaborate with those taste professionals whose primary goal is the total search for quality, identity and authenticity. The color of this wine is straw yellow, crisp and of medium intensity, very limpid. The aromas are composed and intense, played on floral tones and fresh and mineral hints. In the mouth it has a fresh flavor, sapid, pleasing and frank, balanced and lively in the development.
Today Claudio Mariotto’s commitment is to have Timorasso included in the best wine lists, not as a “small rarity” but as an ambassador of territoriality, authenticity, personality and culture of what is offered to the attentive consumer.

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