GIRARDI Prosecco Superior, Sparkling Wine The art of Valdobbiadene

This sparkling wine is an ancient family tradition dating from the Middle Ages, when the Girardi family who were originally coopers, begun to develop enological activities. Centuries later in 1925 when Martino Girardi, Luca’s great grandfather, a man who was passionate about both vines themselves and winemaking, he started to produce and improve the prosecco grapevine, also traditionally known as Glera grape, in the heart of Valdobbiadene on the hill sides exposed to direct sunlight, in Farra di Soligo U.N.E.S.C.O. area.
He inherited his experience of his forward-looking forebears, who were the precursors of this agricultural activity which later became predominant. Although working hard in the most difficult, steep and inaccessible places, in their heart they well understood the high value of this grapevine. The sparkling wine was produced from this grape, and the aroma and taste that this wine had was generated by the combination of natural elements such as soil, sun and rain that was worth to struggle for.
Since those times the techniques, agricultural equipment, modern concepts of wine harvesting have changed. In the early years after World War II Vigilio Girardi, Martino’s son, began a cellar activity and his nephew, Luca has continued the production as a natural family generation inheritance. He began to develop and cultivate his passion for viticulture thanks to his great grandfather Martino
and grandfather Vigilio, both winemaking masters, inheriting their passionate genes which flow in his every vein.
Later he continued to study at Istituto of Conegliano enriching his wine and cultural education, obtaining unexpected high goals in line with a large modern viticultural transformation which has taken place in the whole Valdobbiadene area. And this achievement has brought the Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG production to its highest peak.
The grape vines are an average 40 years old and most of them are still the same that were cultivated with adoration by his great grandfather Martino. Nowadays Luca Girardi has led a production of high class grapes by following the traditional sylvoz cultivation. The selected mature grapes are cryomacerated for about 10-12 hours at a low temperature in order to obtain a cuvée sparkling base. Luca Girardi is not a common cellarman, he is more than a viticulturist. Not content with bottling his best successful wine, he also desires to achieve the top production and he wants to bring together the top local wine producers and unify them to create something even more striking… achieving excellence from a style of production that competes with the best Champagnes, both in quality and price.
And if Luca makes a promise, soon or later he will keep it, we should be expecting some nice news from this young amicable man, and who knows in a few years it will be the French to come to Valdobbiadene to learn something new.
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