Redesign wellness through biogeometry

Harmonic Shapes is a new reality in the world of Design and Architecture that offers, to designers and to those who experience spaces, a new vision that combines aesthetics and well-being. The brand is based on the harmony of geometric shapes used to create design textures to be applied on wall coverings, floors, doors and furniture elements. The Biogeometric shapes used in this first collection were developed and patented in the late 1960s by Egyptian architect Dr. Ibrahim Karim and can be two or three-dimensional. They are specially designed to interact with magnetic fields and produce balancing effects on the energies that surround us. They manage, in short, to create an energetic environment that is optimal and beneficial in any space in which they are applied. Each of the four Biogeometric shapes can embellish materials such as marble, natural stone, vitrite, wood, vinyl and fiberglass, ceramics, ecological film, and canvas. Each texture has different specific benefits: -Synergy Shape: connects the two cerebral hemispheres to balance them. Its main feature is the reduction of stress caused by electromagnetic radiation, resulting in a rebalancing of biological functions.

-Harmony Shape: based on the representation of a qualitative number series that acts on the pure energy of biological functions by harmonizing the body’s energy centers. -Centering Shape: comprises the combination of different radiant centers and is used to balance harmful radiation. -Balancing Shape: has a harmonizing effect on the surrounding space. The centering of this geometry, formed by the lines and centers, is projected to amplify pure energy with a subsequent balancing effect on vital functions. For their application, only the best materials and MADE IN ITALY technologies are used, which always ensure customization possibilities in both size and color. In fact, Harmonic Shapes has selected, for the supply and manufacture of the different materials on which these special and unique textures are applied, Italian companies that represent excellence in their field as its partners, such as Antolini, Cadorin, Inkiostro Bianco, Petra Antiqua, Sicis, Technolam, 3M, Ferrero Legno.

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