The genesis of a dream

REZINA® LA RESINA SARTORIALE MADE IN ITALY Once upon a time in Milano. Marco Lobina took his first steps in the family business in the 1980s, where he specialized in the field of special coatings for furniture, manufacturing, bodywork and flooring in the public and private sectors. In 1995, Marco embarked on floor resin applications for the first time, in the beating heart of a buzzing Italy, where beautifully classic taste was contaminated by a desire for design. Hence the idea of using resin, which is normally used strictly for industrial flooring, was used for interiors with great aesthetic refinement.Thus, the first resin floors by Marco Lobina were created. An absolutely disorienting experimentation in a world of exquisite minimalist taste, a cutting-edge contamination in a classical context that seems irreverent in a city perhaps not yet ready to change its outlook on evolving interior design. Although resin was beginning to enter lofts created from the renovation of industrial buildings, it was still considered a profane material for dwellings. After this first glimpse, Marco followed his own path. His taste was sophisticated, different and bolder than what was offered commercially at that time. He wanted a more refined resin and thus began to collaborate with


architects who were emerging at that time and who are now very well established. For years, Marco Lobina has been a craftsman of beauty; in 2005, the REZINA® product was launched, a brand capable of standardizing and certifying the product, guaranteeing very high Made in Italy standards. Extremely high performance, impact resistant, easy-to-clean flooring with the perfect union of functionality and aesthetic grace. The flagship product “ZN BASE”, with its soft and spontaneous blend, is capable of recreating the desired nuance. It is a unique and tailor-made product. One such example is the floors at the Automobile Museum in Turin, for which he made a smooth resin with a delicate mélange, elegantly textured, which has since remained in the catalog as one of the company’s best sellers.A product that has both high characteristics and is extremely easy to use. Rezina® has developed a “laying system” that has simplified the work of operators who are now specialized and has made the decorative resin coating cycles repeatable, both in terms of color and texture. Hence the same qualitative and aesthetic result can be obtained wherever it is made.The ability to perceive the demands of the market, leads Rezina®, despite the Covid pandemic, to open a new Milanese atelier at Via Vincenzo Monti 41. This atelier is a magical color laboratory, a treasure chest where one can explore all types of resins. What does the future hold? A new objective: the reworking of all-Italian natural materials…. For a “to be continued…” story of creativity. 1-Ph. Elenio Barbetta 2-Automobile Museum Torino, 2011. Architect François Confino + Studio LLTT Cravetto Pagella 3-1997 Studio UDA, Torino. Courtesy of Elle Decor di Rosaria Zuccon

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