Love for Tradition

Pasticceria D’Elia of Manfredi Domenico, founded in 1970, located in Teggiano in the Province of Salerno on the border with Basilicata, and the Heart of the national Park of Cilento Vallo di Diano, With a varied influence territorial together with the experience accumulated over generations it has developed the fundamental key of good sweet in respect of typical and oldest art bakery, on exclusive recipes made with great care, and selected raw materials of high quality certified organic especially the area of the range to take.

Our Mission and precisely to make healthy pastry products using products included in the Mediterranean diet that are produced in our area such as extra virgin olive oil, honey, figs, nuts, milk, etc.

Dynamic and modern, always alert and ready to respond to consumer needs and demands of modern distribution, national and international. ISO14001 certified company, registered trademark as Italian excellence, Member Federation FIP. Today Pasticceria D’Elia can be held, full, excellence in the production of handicrafts and innovative. Product Description PAN di SAN CONO Delicate biscuit with nuts, raisins, eggs, and butter.

Dolce was born from an old Recipe of the “700 made of simple ingredients of the local tradition of the past and a variant of the nut bread, becomes pan of San Cono. Proposed today to make Homage to the patron saint SAN CONO of Teggiano (SA) Italy. General ingredients: Flour grains selected local, raisins, fresh eggs, butter, honey, fresh egg yolk, salt, natural flavors PANETTONE and PANDORO ARTISAN guaranteed sourdough with Yeast.

Flavors: -Traditional with raisins soaked in white wine Moscato territory -Fruits of the Forest, the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano -Orange / or dark chocolate chips / or milk -Nuts and Raisins -Chocolate -New FIGS Bianchi Cilento, PERE, and Chocolate General Ingredients: Flour grains selected local, raisins, fresh eggs, butter, natural yeast mother, sugar, honey, whole milk, wine Moscato 2.5% fresh egg yolk, forest fruits, oranges, figs Cilento white, pears, chocolate , salt, natural flavors. PASTE MILK Soft Milk biscuits, are delicious morsels of soft, suitable for breakfast but are great, even for short breaks.

They remain very delicate, and are different from others because biscuits are soaked in milk and then retouched in the sugar, in this way, remain soft inside and crispy outside sugary. Dolce very old and has always been used in traditional weddings of the past. General ingredients: Flour grains selected local, fresh eggs, butter, honey, fresh whole milk, salt, natural flavors.

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